Monday, August 28, 2006

The Zionist Invaders Lost More Than They Claimed

By kilamxx

The Zionist Occupation Forces which invaded Lebanon recently lost more than the 116 soldiers that they claimed to have been killed. The actual number runs into several hundreds and maybe more than a thousand Israeli soldiers dead. This estimate is based on accounts by visitors to Southern Lebanon who have seen evidence of the large number of Israeli soldiers killed.

I tend to believe the higher estimate more than the official figure given by the Zionist Forces.

For a start, if one were to refer to the mainstream media, the number of Israeli tanks destroyed by Hizbullah anti-tank missiles was either 20 or 30, depending on which “official source” you refer to.

The reality is you will find more than a hundred Israeli tank wreckages in Southern Lebanon at this moment if you ever get the chance to visit that part of the country. A few Malaysians that I know of, who have just arrived back from Lebanon, are willing to testify to that. And I hope nobody tries to tell us that these are just obsolete tanks bound for the scrap yard dumped there in Lebanon by the Israelis (sheesh!).

Now, if one were to take a conservative estimate of one crew member out of the total of 4 in each Merkava tank gets killed when an anti-tank missile pierces an Israeli tank, then there are already at least a hundred tank crewmen dead. A more realistic estimate would be 3 dead for each tank hit, as described by this report.

Now don’t tell me if armor plated tanks can be easily destroyed by the anti-tank missiles, those Zionist infantrymen could have gone about their business without much interference by the Hizbullah fighters. With the tactics that were employed many more hundreds of the invaders must have been killed.

There is no denying that the Israeli Occupation Forces were badly beaten by the Hizbullah fighters’ fierce fighting spirit.

Israeli soldiers have been shaken by the fighters' skill and commitment, describing them as an army, not a rabble. "Even I have been surprised at the tenacity of these groups fighting in the villages," Timur Goksel, who served with UN peacekeepers in southern Lebanon from 1979 to 2003, said. "They have fought far beyond my expectations and they haven't even committed all their fully experienced troops yet."

Israeli officers regard Hezbollah fighters, many trained in Iran, as highly motivated but not careless of their lives in the manner of Palestinian militants often intent on glory through death. Mr Goksel said: "Hezbollah is not afraid of the Israelis. After 18 years fighting Israeli troops, they see them as vulnerable human beings who make mistakes and are afraid like anyone else."

Why else would the Zionists agree to a ceasefire without first accomplishing its stated objective of pushing Hizbullah up to the Litani River?

This present “ceasefire” should be viewed as just a lull in the continuing war that the Zionists are waging against their neighbors. No doubt they will keep on repeating their mistakes. They will continue to invade their neighbors (or at least get some other country to fight for them as the case in Iraq). And of course they will be beaten in battles.... just like they were beaten in Lebanon.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Defend Islam's Position In The Malaysian Constitution

The following is a translation of the statement made by Dr. Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin as it appeared on

Translated from Bahasa Malaysia by kilamxx

The main jihad (struggle) in the country at this moment is to defend the position of Islam in the Federal Constitution.

This is the responsibility of each and every Muslim.

The ruling in defending it is similar to defending a Muslim territory from an invasion by kuffars (disbelievers).

If necessary the whole resources of the Ummah should be deployed.

Therefore, all effort towards this end which are according to Shariah and through peaceful means should be supported.

It is compulsory upon every Muslim to put down his signature, to support the Muslim fight against the Murtads (apostates), the pro-kuffars, and the kuffars behind them.

Every Muslim should strive to join any effort to defend Islam.

Political and ideological differences should be set aside for the moment.

The brunt of this responsibility will be on the shoulders of the Muslim law practitioners.

Their knowledge in the matter pushes them to the forefront of the Muslim defence.

Whereas every lawyer or otherwise, who professes to be a Muslim, but who works toward the downfall of Islam in this country, becomes a murtad (apostate) from Islam by that action.

Dr. Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin

Dr. Mohd. Asri Zainul Abidin is a lecturer in Islamic Studies
School Of Humanities, Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Liquid Terrorism - We've Been Had

British Prime Minister Tony Blair is still on vacation in the Caribbean. That says a lot about the seriousness of the so-called 'terror plot' to blow up US-bound airliners announced by the British government on Thursday. The whole thing is getting to look more and more like another attempt by Blair to divert attention away from his troubled mismanagement of the country. The following article points towards the same conclusion.

Terrorists planned to mix liquids so why are they all being poured into airport bins?

Steve Watson / | August 11 2006

The latest terror plot facade is nothing more than an exercise to assess how subservient the general population has become and a primer to making permanent the panicked and ridiculous freedom crushing security measures we are seeing being rushed into implementation at the moment.

Whilst the government is saying there is no going back on these measures and that they will become permanent, the media is bleating about rushing in biometric retina scanners and Orwellian behaviour sensing technology. This is the only way they can do these things without backlash and protest, just have a major terror alert and rush them through.

How is it that people can still deny that our governments are forwarding a big brother control agenda? ID cards, Biometric databases, retina scanners, face scanning cameras, behaviour sensing machines. The list goes on. It has been proven over and over that these measures will not help prevent terrorism, the government itself has even admitted this, so why do they relentlessly push them?

The latest mind bending terror stupidity has every passenger at airports pouring their potentially explosive liquids into bins inside the airports.

How stupid can things get? How far does it have to go before people start asking simple questions about what they are being made to do in the name of security?

If these liquids are potentially explosive what the hell is the good in pouring them all into large bins inside overcrowded airports and mixing them all together?

The Asheville Citizen Times interviewed a mother who was forced to pour away her baby's milk:

"I have mixed feelings about all this," Leoni said as she waited to board a flight for Miami at Asheville Regional Airport. "On the one side, I’m fine with the safety measures and the effects, but on the other hand, I had to pour out my baby’s milk this morning. They said I couldn't take it on board."

And here she is pouring the potentially deadly milk into a vat of other potentially explosive dangerous liquids.

The official counterterrorism statement told us that the plan involved mixing a sports drink with a gel-like substance to concoct explosives that could be ignited with an MP3 player or cell phone. The sports drink could be combined with a peroxide-based paste to form a potent explosive cocktail, counterterrorism officials said.

If you believe the dodgy science that suggests that these liquids can be ignited by calling up your mom or whacking on a bit of Led Zeppelin on your MP3 player then they better clear the airports pretty smartish because those bins full liquids could go up any second. unless they are just bins full of baby milk and Dr Pepper that is.

The Scientific American states:

Furthermore, some chemicals can be mixed to create a toxic gas capable of killing people in an enclosed space such as an airplane.

Great, marvelous, lets get mixing them in bins then!

The XOPL blogger here is bang on the money and I couldn't put it any better:

Sir, I'm going to have to take this bottle of water away from you since it might be a liquid explosive, and I'm going to have to mix it with all of these other bottles of possibly liquid explosive, and I'm going to have to dump them all in this trash can... together. Nevermind that the plot specifically mentions mixing chemicals and/or nitroglycerin... which explodes if handled too roughly.

The only conclusion you can reach here is that airport security are not looking for terrorists because if they truly believed terrorists were attempting to board planes with liquids they wouldn't be mishandling the liquids in this way.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Boycott Zionist Israel

The money we spend in some outlets is being used to prop up the apartheid Israeli regime that is terrorizing the Lebanese and Palestinians, killing civilians including women and children and destroying residential neighborhoods and infrastructure in blatant contravention of international and moral laws.

We call upon all just people of the world to boycott apartheid Israel and all its supporters.

A boycott at its simplest level could be a refusal to buy Israeli goods. We can endeavor not to buy everyday items such as food and clothing, which are marked made in Israel.

Another level of boycott is identifying organizations and companies that export from Israel, trade with Israel, invest in Israel, or facilitate and encourage any of these things. The companies listed below fall in one of the above categories.

We highly recommend besides stopping using these outlets you write to the Manager of the nearest outlet to you informing them of your actions and requesting they stop supporting apartheid Israel.

Most respectable Muslim scholars from throughout the world and human rights groups have supported the call for the boycott of companies that support apartheid Israel.(Click here)


(Click on the company names for details)

AOL Time Warner

Apax Partners & Co Ltd



Delta Galil


Estée Lauder


Johnson & Johnson


Lewis Trust Group Ltd


Marks & Spencer


News Corporation



Sara Lee


The Limited Inc

Home Depot





Arsenal FC